Contact Centre Transformation

A telephony transformation programme migrating Contact Centre services for RBS Group to Cisco Unified CVP and Chordiant.

Multilateral Trading Facility

A project to deliver technology, structure and business operations for a new Contract for Difference (CFD) trading platform.

Bank Divestment Programme

A project to build an independent technical platform and business operations to support divestment of RBS Group business.

Solvency II Reporting

Solvency II ETL project for specialist insurer MS Amlin operating within the Lloyd’s insurance market.

Internet Gateway Migration

A project to migrate 30,000 users to a new high capacity UK internet gateway.

Digital Media Initiative

A pan-BBC project to create a centralised searchable media archive with integrated production tools.

System Health Review

Comprehensive review of a production system identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and capacity.

Cloud Performance Investigation

An investigation into a live performance problem reported by users of a cloud hosted platform.

Electronic Vehicle Licensing

A project to re-platform and enhance the DVLA online vehicle licensing system.

Secure Browsing Infrastructure

A performance evaluation and product comparison of hardware secured browsing infrastructure.

Data Science Platform

Execution and analysis of machine learning workloads on a new multi-user JupyterHub platform.

Secure VoIP Infrastructure

Simulation of call flow to validate new encrypted voice and messaging infrastructure.

Casework System Refresh

A technical refresh project upgrading software and hardware of a custom casework solution.

Driving Licence Renewal

Provision of new channels to accept ten year electronic and paper based renewal applications.

Micro Focus Performance Center

Project to implement Performance Center, a web enabled performance testing tool.

Consumer Monitoring Framework

A custom monitoring framework for tracking consumer activity using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana.

Microservices Re-Platform

A project to implement Reactive Streams for asynchronous stream processing designed to improve performance and efficiency of microservices.

Infrastructure Monitoring Review

A review of system monitoring implemented for deployment of new infrastructure services.

FPGA Cross Domain Security

A security project to implement perimeter based content transformation technology for threat removal.

Performance Engineering Framework

A project to design and implement a performance test engineering framework using Gatling, Redis, R, Influx and Grafana.

Independent Service Review

A short term project to provide an independent assessment of performance assurance services.